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Girardi S.r.l. is a metal spinning company with over 40 years of experience, and specializes in the manufacture of stainless steel components using automated CNC (computer numerical control) spinning technology.

We work with firms of various sizes, from small businesses to big companies and public corporations, supplying components to such industrial fields as flue, ventilation and heating (production of smokestacks in stainless steel or copper), internal illumination (components for chandeliers), external illumination and street furniture, production of mechanical elements for the automobile and aeronautical sectors (catalysts and lamps), creation of tanks, dispensers, and centrifugal separators for the food and oil sector.

In addition, we have produced mixers for the pharmaceutical sector, silverware articles, urns, and components for systems related to renewable and alternative energy.

The different processes (spinning, stamping, pressing, cutting and drilling) can be applied to various metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, silver, iron, brass, copper, titanium, carbon and other alloys, all of which we can work in varying thicknesses and diameters.