Our Production

Any tipe of production is carefully followed and studied in order to offer the customer the highest quality.

Metal  Spinning on behalf of third parties with computer numerical control (CNC) machinery and stud welding.

Aware that the tradition of hand-made craftsmanship is unparalleled, we started updating our inventory in 2013.

Today, we have:

  • Three computer numerical control (CNC) lathes;
  • Several manual lathes;
  • Circular shears;
  • Mechanical presses;
  • Parallel lathes;
  • Column drilling machines.


The efficiency of our computer numerical control (CNC) machynery allows us to gain numerous advantages and offer an excellent service built around the needs of our customers.

There are many industry sectors that have turned to us. Quality, sturdiness, durability, excellent value for money and speed in execution have always been our strengths.

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Our staff is available to answer any specific questions or request.

We want to be a reliable supplier and a strategic partner for our customers.

We provide over 50 years of proven experience and professionalism

We are aware that success in our sector comes exclusively thanks to a service that brings added value and competitiveness to customers.

The choice of the best raw materials, compliance with the measures of the manufactured products, optimised management of deliveries and confidentiality are an integral part of the Girardi philosophy.

We intend to maintain a high level of production flexibility in order to meet any market request. We are constantly improving the current production cycles and expanding the number of possible processes in order to offer the customer complete and reliable services for different needs at low costs.

Dished ends, stainless steel, copper and brass cones, metal filters, centrifugal separators, the processing of steel, stainless steel, copper, silver and other metals, stud welding, components for ventilation in iron and stainless steel, cold metal stamping and accessories for vintage cars.