Sheet metal turning since 1967

Much more than a simple company, a real family.

We have been working with metal spinning since 1967

Massimo Girardi has worked in the metal spinning sector since 1967, the year he founded his company.

It is a real passion that he passes on to his sons Cristiano and Sandro, who now manage the company. It is not uncommon to find him still at the company, dispensing advice to the old and new generations.

The company today is consolidated, dynamic and constantly growing. Its working method is characterised by the attention to detail and constant attention paid to all stages of production.


The stubborn passion for the trade, combined with the experience and technology developed over many years of operation have allowed us to achieve professional know-how which translates into the excellent product quality level offered to the customer.

To date, the company has around ten qualified employees working on the lathe, as well as a mould maker who can create new moulds of various sizes and materials, depending on the customer’s needs.

In addition to processing, with manual metal spinning, various metals of different thicknesses, the spinning company has specialised in processing stainless steel, being equipped with CNC lathes (computer numerical control lathes) that easily laminates materials with little malleability that are of any thickness and diameter. This, combined with the experience gained, allows it not only to satisfy practically every production request, but also to enter new branches of work with skill and reliability.